No PC, No Chrome & No More Headache.

True. With Only 1 Mobile (or) one Emulator you can run Campaigns and send Thousands of messages Messages per Hour.

Robust Features that Speak Volume

Artificial intelligence - Learning Machine Language

Turbo Sender

Send Thousands of Messages with Just a mobile click. as a single messages or Group Marketing.

Business Analytics

You can follow the campaign in real time. More over You can save the entire campaign data for reference at any time and you can also save the campaign report Automatically.

Channel Warmer

This Tool enables you to Warm up all your WhatsApp channels with a single press of a button by automatically responding with random messages. * (Each Channel Talks To the Other Channels Automaticaly).

Many More Features

Groups Sender Tool

This feature allows you to send large numbers of messages to WhatsApp Group with ease by adding an external file and control the time of sending the campaign

Channels Rescue and Blocking Reducer

You can protect your channels from blocking with the Save Zone tool to keep other channels from blocking, Cloud Chat Options. Awesome!

Creating Mobile Solutions Intelligently.

Tones of Features in one Application with no Computer Cost or sending Fees. The 1st & Only Worldwide Solutions contains Tones of Features.

Campaign Sender.
Senders Safe Zone.
Contacts Filter.
Channels Warmer and Activator.
Groupd Joiner & Sender.
Auto Report & Statistics.

Professional Whatsapp Marketing Mobile App
for a Dynamic World.

Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a Different Story. You’ll
need more than just a simple sender software.

Commonly Asked Questions

We are bit sure you can find all answers you are looking for. We are very Clear in Business.
If you still have more questions, we are there to assist you.

  • Does this App includes All Mentioned features?
  • Absolutely yes.

    this is our All in One software includes all Mentioned features with no extra fees at all.

  • For all type of Mobile OS ?
  • We have launched our App to work for Android phones with any Android Version.

  • Can i run This app on Multi Mobiles?
  • You can use the License for 1 Mobile Phone But also you may logout from one phone and Re-login to another Phone.

  • How Long to Activate My License?
  • Within 30 Minutes after payment confirmation.

  • Is this Lifetime License?
  • Yes, we provide our software with a Lifetime License. No monthly or annual renewal.

  • What will i get when i Buy?
  • You purchase software includes:

    – Software APK file

    – 30 Whatsapp Copy ready to get installed on 1 Mobile

    – 12 Month Software Free Updates Support.

    – Software Support Included.

  • What Features Included in the Aplication?
  • Tones of Features in 1 Application:

    ** Sending Features:
    – Follow the campaign:
    You can follow the campaign in real-time via the top of the image.
    – Multiple messages:
    You can send up to 20 different messages and send them randomly or sequentially in the campaign to reduce the ban.
    – Bulk Add numbers:
    You can add a file with numbers Or add numbers from contacts directly.
    – Attach files:
    You can attach any file or image with your send Yor Campaigns.
    – Saving data:
    You can save the entire campaign data for reference at any time and you can also save the campaign report automatically.

    ** Groups:
    – Adding Groups:
    You can add a file using the Link Group or Group Keys.
    – Follow the campaign:
    You can follow the campaign in real-time via the top of the image.
    – Campaign time:
    You can name the campaign for easy reference at any time in the Records section.
    – History:
    Using this feature you can refer to the reports of all previous campaigns and open the remaining number of files if you didn’t complete the campaign.
    – Joiner:
    This feature enters you into all the groupings only you have to enter the file and choose all channels to be joined the group

    ** Auto-reply feature:
    You can keep track of your customers continuously and make an impression on the customer that you are interested in.
    Autoresponder works with all applications on your phone such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, and other applications
    – You can write content that comes similarly.
    – You can add content that is contained in the message content.
    – You can add more than one possibility to a message that is replied to by a particular message.
    – You can add a welcome message to all customers.
    – You can set the time of sending messages in seconds to control the response to your customers with ease.

    ** Channel Activation & Warmerup amazing feature:
    You can automatically Warm your WhatsApp channels with ease.
    – More than 30 Whatsapp Numbers will talk to Each other Automatically.
    – The activation campaign lasts two days and can be stopped at any time.
    – You can add more than 30 channels to activate and warm up.
    – Different Messages and Thousand of messages to each other before sending.

    ** Contacts Management:
    Simply with just a click, you can manage all contacts and client numbers.
    – Add contacts:
    Add Whole numbers from a file then it will auto add the list to your contact list on phone.
    – Generate Numbers:
    Using this feature you can generate any amount of numbers for any country (100.000 Contacts in 5 Seconds)
    Then move it to the filter option to check which numbers have WhatsApp and save them for campaign sending.
    – Remove Contact list:
    This option lets you remove Bulk contacts or just any contacts begin with the given name (ex: remove contacts starts with Client..).
    Very simple and easy.

    ** Save Zone:
    – Block Detector:
    This Feature gives your Full protection and time saving, so if you are running a campaign and a certain number of channels get blocked THEN the Campaign will be paused Immediately to protect the rest of your channels from being banned.
    – Channel Protection:
    You can protect your channels from blocking with the Save Zone tool to keep other channels from blocking.

    Many More Features Discover it yourself…

Imagine a Marketing with
Such Application.

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